Saturday, May 2, 2009

Restaurant City

Tips and trick- I think there are many college friends here in Tarc who is playing restaurant city currently... There are many methods on how do you wan to play RC. Some goes for menu, gourmet points or money for decoration. However to get any of these 3 things, it's a compulsary technic to max 3 dishes to level 10 for starter, main and dessert each because they give you 2.8 GP(gourment point) per plate. I've experimented on Douglas's account (sorry to those feel unfair)

And i am quite sure it's been stunning to some of you how do i get my ingredients which is too much and not equivalent to the amount of friends i got in my friend list. Some of you even came out with the idea that creating additional accounts to get ingredient by visiting, but hey that's just one ingredient per account. Furthermore you need to trade off between your account and it's not like giving ingredients to your main account, hence there will be a day you can't possibly trade due to inssuficient ingredient on your main account. However don't be dissapointed with ur additional RC account cuz there will be useful. I'll explain later.

There are many ways to get ingredients like visiting friends, daily ingredient and quiz. I congratulated some of my friends who knows the technic i am using, they're just lacking of information that's why i am not hesitate to tell anymore. There's only one technic to get loads of ingredient... it's by visiting alot of people you don't know. How? here...

this part ends here for those who visited the website and close this blog
this part is for those who wants to know more

there are few things that you should do, but due to the new layout system from facebook... things went abit different. First, you should make a newlist for Restaurant City players. Any name will do. Whenever you add them, you should (not a must if you dont mind getting mess up later) always place them under the category list you've made, and for other's convenience please text a short message to them "restaurant city" will do and they'll know or else they might not approve your friend request. You may also join group from that site in order for you to post message on the wall for ppl to add you.

Question 1: Which is better? Adding players or being added?

Ans: There are pro and con for each method. For adding players, you may be able to get alot of ingredients. After all it depends on how hardworking you are to add people. BUT there's a drawback. For example if you had added 100 players and there were only 80 players who had approved your request. You might lost count of how many people you had added as well. And then you login to RC and get your ingredients. You logged out, and the additional players left just now had just started to approve you. Are you going to remember each of their name, who has been left out within that 100 players and login back to get your ingredients? HECK NO.

NOW if you post on the wall requesting people to add you... it's more convinient for your side because you can hold them up under pending friend request... They can't delete friend request. I've hold for 165 friends request before. So what's the drawback? You need to wait very long for people to add you. By nature and after several times of my experience, you need to post on the wall every 5 minutes, each time u might just get around 5-10 people adding you. If you're unlucky you might not get any at all for a post. Just do this whenever you're free.

Additional tips on adding ppl on the site : If you add people, you do not need to go to 2nd page of the wall. You just need to refresh the page and stay at 1st page because they kept posting non stop. And also for ethical practice please keep them at your list at least for a day so they can in return get ingredient from you.

BACK to the 1st paragraph i mentioned just now... why it's not a waste creating additional account. It's because you can get ingredients from daily quiz and daily ingredient. There are difference in the ingredient you get from visitation and daily-one. For the daily ingredient you usually get rare ingredients which most of the time has lower star rate such as cream, salad, potato, onion and etc.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Largest toilet in TARC

We've just found the largest toilet in Tarc today. I am not sure how many of you been there before since we're mostly SSH students. This toilet is located below canteen 1. Good place to smoke and play skateboard. Note that this picture is not taken from the corner. I am just standing in the middle.!!!! x_X

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my 1st advertisement LOL

credit given to jknow and = =

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At last I had finished watching Chaos;Head anime series. The CG effects are pretty awesome but story line is abit too draggy and the ending was very sudden. If only the plot were properly arranged it should be quite good along with its story concept.

Chaos;Head (in my own understanding) is a story about sci-fi where humans can actually create or manipulate delusion in their own will. With this delusion, they can force people surrounding them to perceive the image either from the summoner's will or the will of the people themselves (it's quite hard to explain actually).

There are only few of them who have this ability which are called "Gigalomaniac" (those who are holding Di-word and it's not Gigollomaniac) and they're destined to fight Nozomi co. which built Noah II (a substitution machinery which can act as Gigalomaniac too).

KIRA on streamyx

LOL-Just to express

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poster of streamyx

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the streamyx.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Streamyx stream my ass.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

STREAMYX u bastard~~!!!!! *@Y$+)&$!

First of all let me recap all the hardship being a Malaysian, we need to run ourselves away from ISA, we don't know where are the innocent families Najib had placed them to or even got killed (god knows), the bastard policemen who do false accusation on speed track (please refer to negarakuku), the party take-over in Perak using bribery and now Streamyx is being a big pain in my asshole. I don't feel like being a Malaysian becoz we're treated unfairly in every aspect of our life. Martin Luther and Abraham Lincoln would have been killed if they're born in Malaysia.

Back to the topic, recently streamyx had been throtling p2p connection. It means, they will drop your line whenever they detect you're using bitcomet or any torrent client. You can easily tell it's streamyx job because once your line has been dropped, restarting your computer itself doesn't work. You have to restart your modem as well. That's when i smelled something fishy on the service streamyx users are getting. I google search (you can easily check out all their shits like typing "streamyx sucks","streamyx bastard" or any creative phrase on google) and i was tremendously shocked to realise streamyx banning p2p in a very illegal way. First of all, heck cares how much bandwith speed users are taking up by using p2p, as we had paid our monthly charge, p2p won't cause ur pc to exceed bandwith capacity. In fact, before the throtling, any BT users with streamyx as their ISP has already receive a very poor connection service.

Recently i had downloaded this program called Xunlei. It acts like p2p connection, except that it downloads file directly from torrent network without uploading. Technically streamyx shouldn't been able to detect this kind of connectivity, but my line had been dropped few times after using Xunlei. Since Xunlei is spreading in everyone's mouth via the internet, supposingly if streamyx is that bastard enough (i definitely think so and hope not) the CEO or personnel in charged would google search and find out how users surpasses their indigenous p2p throtling plan, and then find solution to block all user's alternative method. By then i would say Streamyx is a biggest villain, spending more effort to block users than finding solution how to improve their bandwith and unblock p2p connection.